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João Reis 
CEO / Partner

Joao is the third-generation family business in commodities trading in Brazil, his early start in the industry has given him a wide experience and a large networking structure across the industry.


Joao worked closely for many years with CAMPO one of the pioneers’ companies in the agriculture business in Brazil. His reliable character has able him to sustain long-term working relationships.


Mr. Reis large experience in the growing fields, at the ports, and at transportation points together with his exposure to international markets, makes Joao a great asset to the company.

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Raoni Freitas
COO / Partner

Mr. Freitas has a solid experience as an Entrepreneur since early age. His strength experience is in the commercial area. Raoni seeks through long term partnerships, knowledge and constant analysis to read businesses, and create solutions for business.

Mr. Freitas has a strong relationship with trading partners, maintaining positive working climate. Easy to adapt to changes and new scenarios keeps Raonii in constant refreshment and awareness of international markets.

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Rubens Rocha
CFO / Partner

Ruben has a large experience in the blockchain market, and is a product innovator, with wide experience in E-Commerce, Open Finance, and PIX.


Mr. Rocha is the creator of the Orion payments solutions platform which facilitated methods of payments for many clients around the world.

At Campinas, Sao Pablo Brazil, which is considered the Crypto Valley of Brazil, Ruben has spent the last few years enhancing a successful business model that brings solutions to many businesses.


His transparency, entrepreneurship, team coordination, decision-making, creativity, and decision-making skills make Mr. Rocha a great member of our team.

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Patricia Hajali
Director of Corporate Strategy / Partner

Has over 25 years experience in International business and extensive knowledge in the markets such as the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

Her charisma and public relations has enable her to connect people around the world with her large global network, making her an extremely valuable asset to any clients. Specializing in international branding and marketing with negotiations and strategic planning skills.


She has been a leading negotiator in multi and bilateral international agreements. Her commercial and international experience has positioned her into a perfect balance where she can achieve effective and tangible results.Patricia has held diplomatic and governmental positions. Working closely with many Presidents, Ministers and high-level government officials from different countries.


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Bruce Li 
General Manager

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Fernando Martins
Office Manager


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Manoella DesChamps
Marketing Director

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Chris Fernandez
Strategic Alliances

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